Welcome to Baldwyn, MS - Where Tradition Touches Tomorrow.

"We Love Baldwyn and You Will Too!"

Welcome to a town where hospitality is overflowing, history is honored, and heritage is admired. Shop owners know their customers by name. Residents can reflect back on their life spent in Baldwyn and remember how much they love their small town.  Be a part of a community where you are a name and not just a number!  Partake in numerous festivals, sporting events, and church outings. Explore our website to learn more about what Baldwyn has to offer!

"Your leadership is determined to make decisions today that will make a difference tomorrow. "

In 1772 Abednego Inman, a native of Tennessee served alongside Daniel Boone in his exploration of the South. It was during their exploration into Mississippi that Inman was wounded on multiple occasions in skirmishes with the established Cherokees and Chickasaws, yet it was his determination and faith that moved him to prosper. Abednego Inman would later become one of the early settlers of the area we now know as Baldwyn. It is that same determination and faith that drives the prosperity of our beloved Baldwyn today.

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