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"Coming Together is a Beginning, Keeping Together is Progress, Working Together is Success"

Baldwyn Has A Lot to Offer

Baldwyn now boasts over 200 businesses with almost 1,700 jobs in the city limits.  In addition, we have processed 223 building permits since 2007, and in 2016, city leadership paid off long term bonds 16 years early, saving tax payers over $354,000 in interest.

As far as grant funding, we have attracted $450,000 in state funding for frontage road improvements, $3.5 million in USDA for sewer projects, $42,100 in USDA funding for police cars, and $30,000 in FEMA funding for backup generators. 

Speaking on jobs in Baldwyn, Harry A. Martin North Lee Industrial Complex has over $340 million in capital investment, has created 2,385 jobs, and has engaged in 21 total projects.  Futhermore, downtown currently has 16 new businesses, 27 façade rehabs, 223 building permits processed, and has created 30+ jobs. 

The City of Baldwyn has so much to offer as we continuously progress in economic development, but we also promise to offer a high quality of life due to a town filled with warm welcomes and southern hospitality.

Why Choose Baldwyn?
Reasons to be part of our growing community

Real Estate

Baldwyn has many opportunities to own a home and obtain real estate.  For more information on the various real estate for sale, click below to navigate possible options for purchasing property.



Baldwyn has created many jobs. Provided below are some resources available pertaining to work development including training and job listings.


Mississippi Works

Quality of Life

The city you live in has a large impact on your quality of life. In the City of Baldwyn, we have various factors that promote this quality including job opportunities, quality school system, and a good housing market.


Baldwyn has various places to worship in the community, and we are sure you would be welcomed with open arms. Click the button below to view our church directory.


Continuing Community Involvement

Volunteer Programs

Volunteer Programs

Volunteer programs are what make a community better place to live, work, and play. The City of Baldwyn and the Baldwyn Main Street Chamber offer opportunities for youth to participate in making the city BEAUTIFUL. Volunteer hours are documented for all participating youth and graduating high school seniors may apply for scholarship(s) through the Baldwyn Main Street Chamber. There are many opportunities through out the school year to volunteer. For more information contact the chamber office at 662-365-1050.

Veteran's Park Dedication

Veteran's Park Dedication

Baldwyn and the citizens and residents who live here strive to treat our veterans with the utmost respect and honor. In regards to respect, this dedication day was to show appreciation to our veterans and show that we are truly thankful for their sacrifice and their dedication to protecting Americans everywhere. We salute our veterans and hope you will stop by our peaceful Veteran's Park to honor and memorialize the ones who fought for us.

Relay for Life Fundraiser

Relay for Life Fundraiser

Fundraisers are a big aspect of the City of Baldwyn as we participate in several fundraisers throughout the year, with one of our biggest being Relay for Life. It takes a town organizing their efforts to work for the common good to make a fundraiser successful, and that is what we strive to do: to involve everyone in his or her area of expertise to make a fundraiser come together. Our community is driven by how we can help by giving back to others and making Baldwyn a better place overall.